Do you want to see backstage of the international festival?
Learn how works its organization and attach a helping hand?

Except good feeling that you will help fill up Bystrica with unique pieces, you can take away lots of experiences, skills and knowledge from the Festival of light and shadow. You can use them in organizing cultural events, managment, marketing and in your own creation or study.

Our festival gives art to its visitors for free, and it stands on help of the volunteers because of it. We can not do it without them. And you can help us too with orientating visitors to right places, with giving away maps, selling in festival stand, or asisting artists right in individual locations. It will not be so hard and you will enjoy the festival from the other perspective. Exhibiting artists appreciate work of the volunteers and festival has goodwill thanks to them. Will you help us spread it further?

Come with us!
You can sign up whenever you want, but there is the sooner, the better. It doesn't depend on age, you must have time and will. In the case of interst in voluntary work on festival contact coordinator Steve at address, where she provides you more information.