Park of the Dark Sky Veľká Fatra - Kráľova studňa

At the beginning of the Festival of Light and Shade 2015 , a joint press conference of the organizers was held to inform the general public about the creation of a specific protected area. This event is a significant contribution of Slovakia to the International Year of Light, announced by the United Nations General Assembly (International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies - IYL 2015). One of the important components of IYL 2015 is starlight protection . Light pollution, which is a serious environmental problem in modern civilization, makes us see less and less stars in the night sky. Darkness has become a dangerous part of nature and must be protected.

Protected areas of darkness are created in the world primarily on the initiative of astronomers and nature conservationists. However, the idea of ​​ The Great Sky Park (PTOVF) this time was created on the "other side of the barricade," and the creators of the night sky were invoked to create it. The present territory of 325 hectares of PTOVF will be the basis for its further expansion to the central ridge of the Great Fatra. Location of the Park in the "heart of Slovakia", at an altitude of 1,300 m. m., Only 30 km from Banska Bystrica has an extraordinary potential for the development of astro-tourism. The night sky is exceptionally good, without binoculars we can see almost two thousand stars , the silver Milky Way and many objects of the outer space.

The dark sky park Great Fatra originated in the 76th Park of the Dark Sky in the World, 30th in Europe and 3th in Slovakia. And we believe that not only visitors to the Light and Shadow Festival but also the general public will miss this unique natural phenomenon.

Source of photos: Dark sky park Veľká Fatra - Kráľova studňa


The festival of light and shadow is the confrontation of the young contemporary light art of domestic and foreign authors and their presentation to the general public directly in the public space. The program of the festival is intended for both children and adults.

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