Exhibition in the public space of the city · Creation of new works of contemporary visual art · Education of children using interactive art technology · Public presentation and comparison of young authors and students works · Alternative form of entertainment and cultural education · Support of creative industries · Creative work within local communities · Application of site- specific research New dimensions of architecture

… and much more

The Festival of Light and Shadow in the heart of Slovakia was founded in 2015 on the occasion of the UN Declaration on the International Year of Light and Light – Based Technologies. The aim of this step was to remind people around the world of the importance of light and optical technology in their everyday lives and in the future development of society.

allows the author to express their conception of the issues of the present day. The festival presents in particular new contemporary visual and multimedia art in the public space. The festival presented 61 artistic projects during the first three years, attracting nearly 50,000 viewers to the streets of Banska Bystrica.
The 2018 Festival will, by tradition, rely upon the public space of Banská Bystrica, it’s people and site-specific creation. It develops the idea of popularizing art as a healing medium and a path away from populism, while clearly differentiating from superficial unexplained light disturbance. In the first phase of the process a group of selected artists and students from art schools complete the field studies. Consequently, consultations and brainstorming sessions are held for individual creative proposals and artistic realisations.
The merging of two program lines bridges alternative forms of art with the commercial sector within the ground plan of a city with a rich history. We want to inspire, educate and entertain the general public. Also to link by light and the art the “light fans” from the public and the artists, scientifist and other professionals. Last but not least, we want to illuminate for the viewers the historical and present stories of Banská Bystrica, which remained “lost in the shadows”.
Creative projects inspire the general public to search for and discover a new relationship between the citizen and the public space. The concept brings together not only multiple kinds of art (multi-genre), but it gives young artists and creatives mutual inspiration also the possibility for a grand implementation. Creation outside of the confines of the academic environment provides young artists a broader scope of knowledge and new experiences. To the public, viewers and visitors we promise a truly unusual experience. Why? Because “we are the light of the fascinated“
The annual Festival of light and shadow is known for its international cooperation. In addition to  Slovak authors, young artists from abroad will be presenting themself through their free and demonstrative work in Banská Bystrica. Artists are given a space for mutual cooperation and comparison. In the creation of works, emphasis is placed on applied research. This aspect of artistic practice enhances their future commitment and aptitude. The festival also brings development of a creative industry by participating artists from European regions at the local and international level.
Laboratory focused on the selection of the most suitable localities within the city with an emphasis on space sociology and specifics from local history, so called site-specific research. The results renew an appreciation of the cultural and social potential of the city under Urpín hill.
The ambition of the organizers is to continue and enhance in Banská Bystrica the tradition of a new format of the contemporary art festival in the public space – an ongoing cultural event of European significance. In the first year the festival spawned the media’s interest, as well as that of the professionals and the public at large,  about this new innovative art form. The innovative artistic presentations from the previous three years sparked the interest of several local institutions that have since become active participants. The annual Festival of light and shadow takes place in Banská Bystrica at the beginning of the autumn. The festival welcomes many visitors and tourists who are interested in the relationship of history, culture, art and technology.