The Festival of Light and Shadow 2018 - a unique multi-genre event - will take place again in the heart of Slovakia in Banská Bystrica. Its fourth edition with the theme “THE BUBBLE" will present a contemporary visual and light art in the historic centre of the city. The organizers have prepared a cultural-entertaining and educational programme. The merger of two programme lines seeks to bridge alternative forms of art with a commercial sector. In addition, the festival offers a rich accompanying programme. We want to inspire, educate and entertain the general public; to link by means of light and art not only "light fans" from the public, but also artists, scientists and professionals. Last but not least, we want to show Banská Bystrica in a new "light dress“. The concept brings together not only multiple kinds of art, but it gives young artists and creative people a possibility of a large-scale realisation and mutual inspiration. We promise really unusual experiences to the public, the viewers and visitors.